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Starfinder: Pact Worlds (En)

Starfinder : Pact Worlds (En)


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The Pact Worlds are the heart of Starfinder, a solar system full of both familiar and bizarre citizens. From the cosmopolitan corridors of Absalom Station to the carnivorous jungles of Castrovel or to the floating cloud cities of the gas giant Bretheda, this book is your guide to the basic worlds of Starfinder and civilizations and the perfect place to launch any adventure.

Each geographic index presents a detailed world map, residents and cultures, settlements and adventure locations, a unique theme for customizing characters from this world and more.
- New playable foreign races, from Eoxians not dead to Castrovellian outfits.
- New starships, from Xenowarden living vessels to sinister Hellknight dreadnoughts.
- A manuscript of themed NPC public blocks to help Game Masters create lively encounters.
- New archetypes for each class, including the Star Knight, the Skyfire Centurion and the Divine Champion.
- Tons of new weapons, armor, charms, exploits, magic items, tech gadgets and more help equip your adventurers.

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