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Spyfall 2

Spyfall 2 (En)

Cryptozoic Entertainment

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One word too many can sink a boat, this army saying could be Agent Trouble's motto.

At the start of the round, the players secretly receive a card indicating the same location, with the exception of one of the players who receives a Spy card.
They then ask questions to try to find out who is who: "" it's hot right? Did you receive your pay? "" ... The spy doesn't know where he is.
he must therefore be attentive to exchanges in an attempt to discover it and manage to answer the questions that will be asked!
At any time, a player can accuse someone of being the spy.
If pierced, agents have won. For his part, the spy can end the round as soon as he thinks he has discovered the place where it takes place.
Agent trouble is a game of suspicion and bluff like no other: you will have to weigh each word to avoid revealing yourself too much.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 8
  • English

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