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Scythe : Legendary Box


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Scythe Legendary Box is designed to contain the main Scythe game as well as all expansion content (present and future), props, promos and custom inserts. We were inspired to create this box thanks to the feedback from people on this blog post.

The box features a double-layered bottom half and a top that is exactly the same dimensions as all other Scythe tops, allowing supporters of the original top to use it interchangeably with the new top.

Although the Legendary Box does not include any game elements, it does contain 3 large storage boxes to store tokens, cards and other loose parts.

As the Legendary Box is the same length and width as all other Scythe Boxes, all custom inserts fit perfectly into it. However, it is twice the height of the original box of the scythe, which adds a lot more space.

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