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Schotten Totten (Fr)

Schotten Totten (Fr)


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Embark on a fight where all blows are allowed to gain control of the border that separates you from your opponent.
Send the members of your tribe to defend the landmarks and deploy your forces by making the best combinations of cards.
To win, be the first to control five Boundaries scattered along the border or three adjacent Boundaries Principle of the game: 9 bollards are placed between you and your opponent.
Each in turn, place a card in front of each terminal and try to make better combinations of 3 cards than your rival.
You will be able to thus try the continuation of color (strongest combination), the set, the color or the continuation.
When one of the players controls 3 adjacent terminals or 5 dispersed terminals, he wins the game.

  • 8+
  • 2
  • French

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