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Root (En)

Leder games

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Root is an adventure and war game in which 2 to 4 players (1 to 6 with the "Riverfolk" expansion) fight for control of a vast wilderness.

The infamous Marquise de Cat has taken over the great forest, intending to reap its riches. During his reign, the many creatures of the forest came together. This alliance will seek to strengthen its resources and overthrow the rule of cats. In this effort, the Alliance can enlist the help of wandering vagabonds who are able to navigate the most dangerous forest roads. While some may sympathize with the hopes and dreams of the Alliance, these wanderers are old enough to remember the great birds of prey that once controlled the woods.

Meanwhile, on the far reaches of the region, the proud and quarrelsome Eyrie have found a new commander who they hope will cause their faction to revert to their old birthright. The stage is set for a competition that will decide the fate of the great forest. It is up to the actors to decide which group will ultimately take root.

Root represents the next step in the development of the asymmetric design. Like Vast: The Crystal Caverns, each Root player has unique abilities and a different victory condition. Today, using beautiful multipurpose cards, a truly asymmetrical design has never been so accessible.

The Cats play a game of engine building and logistics while trying to keep watch over the vast wilderness. By collecting wood, they can create workshops, sawmills and barracks. They earn by building new buildings and doing crafts.

The Eyrie must summon their hawks to retake the woods. They must seize as much territory as possible and build perches before falling back into bickering.

The Alliance is hiding in the shadows, recruiting forces and hatching conspiracies. They start out slowly and develop into a spectacular presence late in the game - but only if they can keep the other players in check.

Meanwhile, the Drifter plays all sides of the conflict for his own benefit, while also hiding a mysterious quest. Explore the board, fight against other factions and work towards your hidden goal.

In Root, players lead the storytelling, and the differences between each role create an unparalleled level of interaction and replayability. Leder Games invites you and your family to explore the fantastic world of Root!
  • 10+
  • 1 - 6
  • English

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