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Raiders of Scythia (En)

Renegade Game Studios

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Several centuries ago, the Greek, Persian and Assyrian empires controlled vast areas of land and wealth. Yet despite their fortifications and imposing armies, rumors are beginning to circulate about the presence of a formidable enemy in the lands above the Black Sea. They came on horseback. Fierce warriors, men and women. Skillful with sword, ax and bow. But they weren't brainless savages. Their craftsmen were renowned for their ability to craft detailed gold trinkets. They fashioned armor from leather and improvised the recurve bow. They trained eagles for hunting and war. Some even believe that they inspired the Greek tales of the Amazons. But they were more than legends or fables. They were the Corsairs of Scythia.

The goal of Raiders of Scythia is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at the end of the game. VPs are earned by raiding settlements, taking looting, and completing quests. Players will need to build a crew, train animals, and gather supplies. The game ends when there are only 2 uninvolved settlements or 2 quests left on the main board.
  • 12+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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