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Race For The Galaxy Extension: Xeno Invasion (En)

Race For The Galaxy Extension : Xeno Invasion (En)

Rio Grande Games

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Xeno Invasion is for intermediate RFTG players, modifying the Explore action to be mixed with your hand. It adds 51 game cards to the basic set and includes an Invasion game, with products: repair and invasion cards, a repulsion track, bunkers and various counters.

The Invasion game adds two new ways the game can end: either pushing back or falling to the Xenos.

In Produce, players can repair damaged worlds and donate goods to the war effort (earn VPs). Players can also gain VPs by defeating their share of Xeno attackers and having the highest military count vs Xenos, while they lose the use of damaged worlds they fail to defend (until they are repaired). Xeno attacks take place at the end of each round, starting with round 3, and generally take less than 30 seconds to resolve so that players can immediately return to selecting their actions for the next round.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 5
  • English

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