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Oceans: Deluxe (Fr)

Oceans : Deluxe (Fr)


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Oceans is the new game in the Evolution range, thanks to which you will create a vibrant web of aquatic life through millions of years of evolution.

Your goal is to create and evolve your species so that they find a niche in a growing ecosystem, giving them the best combinations of traits, their capabilities.

Each species is defined by its population (the fish pawns above) and its traits (the maps above). During the game, she will gain or lose traits as well as population depending on what she can eat or if she is eaten. Despite your best efforts, some species will go extinct! Natural selection will be at work.

The Deluxe version enriches the standard version as follows:
215 translucent acrylic fish tokens in 6 colors instead of the standard version cardboard tokens.
High quality food bags, specially made to store what you eat (which replace the screens of the basic game).
220 specific card covers to protect basic basic lines and depth lines, plus spare copies.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 4
  • French

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