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Ninja Taisen (Fr)

Ninja Taisen (Fr)


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This story tells of the fate of the villages known as Mashirazuka and Yonakizawa. Serenity cradles these two villages, but the peace treaty in force for a hundred years is coming to an end. The leaders of each village, hating each other, gather and prepare their biggest Ninjas to invade the enemy village. Who will emerge victorious from this mad quest for revenge? Each of you controls 10 Ninjas of strength (from 1 to 3) and of type (stone, leaf or chisel) to defend your village and assuage your revenge. Roll the dice and move your Ninjas wisely on the path to the enemy Village. If you meet one or more ninjas of the opposing players, a fight starts on the principle of stone-leaf-chisel. You can count on your Shogun, the village boss, to win the toughest fights. To emerge victorious from this fight, you will have to reach the opposing village first or eliminate all enemy ninjas.

  • 8+
  • 2
  • French

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