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My First Bohnanza (En)

My First Bohnanza (En)

Rio Grande Games

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My first Bohnanza serves both as an introduction to Bohnanza and as a full-fledged children's game, with the aim of the game being the same as its parent: having the most Talers at the end of the game.

As in the original Bohnanza, the game includes several types of beans, each bean having a number to indicate how many copies are in the game as well as a "beanometer" at the bottom of the card to show you how many cards of that type you must harvest in order to collect Talers.

My first Bohnanza simplified the beanometers, with four types of beans with one exchange value - for example, five Gemeine beans (common) you get a Taler - and six types of beans with two exchange values. Games with younger players (or newcomers to The Universe of Bohnanza) should use the unique beanometer cards with the other cards forming a stack of Taler.

  • 4+
  • 3 - 5
  • English

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