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Maximum Apocalypse Extension: Jurassic Perils (En)

Maximum Apocalypse Extension : Jurassic Perils (En)

Rock Manor Games

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Geneticists and scientists have made a huge mistake. We were arrogant to think that we could play god and contain Mother Nature. We not only brought back dinosaurs, we also brought back Jurassic viruses and diseases that decimated our population. Today our world is back in the Jurassic period and what remains of us is trying to survive the prehistoric perils of these huge carnivores.

Maximum Apocalypse: Jurassic Perils adds the character of the surviving archaeologist and the Jurassic Apocalypse. The Archaeologist is a high-risk adventurer who tries to hunt down the precious artifacts of our lost civilization. This expansion also introduces a new 30-card dino apocalypse set with new missions and challenging and chaotic monster chain reactions.

  • 13+
  • 1 - 6
  • English

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