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Galaxy Trucker Extension : The Latest Models (En)

Czech Games Edition

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This extension offers you 4 new Classes of vessels perfectly suited to intergalactic travel:

Class IC and IIC vessels would be easy to design and pilot without trans-dimensional folds which complicate construction and can modify (or even duplicate!) Attacks during flight. The IIIC models are ... spherical!
With all the constraints that this implies, especially in terms of connections during construction, but also defense during the flight. A real headache!
The IVC model is so monstrous that it will have to start its construction in 4 separate parts, to be interconnected progressively ... or not! You can therefore go on a mission with, depending on the case, 1 huge vessel, or several smaller vehicles to pilot independently ...

To further complicate matters, the plans of all these new models do not have a predefined location for the cockpit (departure box), and therefore include a new construction rule on this subject.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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