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Galaxy Defenders Extension : Fifth Column (En)

Ares Games

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Expand the Galaxy Defenders Agency army with these powerful new agents and unleash their unique classes, powers and items against the alien invasion!
The 5th Column option adds four new agents to the game:

- An Archon - Members of an alien race desperately fighting against invaders, Archon soldiers can influence the tide of battle using psionic powers and alien weapons.

- One Knight - originally "fair". a clone with extraordinary abilities, the Agency chose him as a new recruit. The Cavalier can be played as a Support Class Agent, equipped with multiple gears and able to move quickly to where it's needed most. Alternatively, as a Guardian-class agent, he acts as a mobile defense unit, able to intercept attacks directed against his teammates and "control" strangers.

- Two Bio Power Armors - these incredible weapon platforms are living beings that become in symbiosis with their Host Agent, transforming them into a true war machine, with powerful defense and impressive attacks.
  • 12+
  • 1 - 5
  • English

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