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Werewolf: The Forsaken - Signs Of The Moon (En)

Werewolf : The Forsaken - Signs Of The Moon (En)


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This book includes:

• The chapters devoted to each of the five auspices. In each you will find artifacts in the character discussing the history and life of those under the auspices, and you will also find new weapons for your characters: Gifts, rites, lodges, as well as Auspice aspects as the characters may choose to perfect on how their characters best embody the auspiciousness they represent.

* A narrative chapter dedicated to discussing the best way to use auspice in your game both from a practical and theoretical point of view, as well as a frank discussion on the creation of new auspices and new gifts.

* A series of scenes from the narrative adventure system intended to serve as "auspice challenges" - these scenes are linked to different auspices and can be placed in your games to highlight the importance of its moon.

  • English

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