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Dungeon Lords Extension : Festival Season (En)

Czech Games Edition

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It's party time in the dungeon! The fair season has arrived!
A welcome truce that will allow you to better prepare to receive these pesky heroes.
But beware, because they too take the opportunity to arm themselves to the teeth ... So enjoy the festivities as long as you can, because when the adventurers finally arrive at your doors, they will be harder to beat than ever.
This first expansion for Dungeon Lords adds a fifth season to each of the two years that a game lasts.
It also offers new content: new monsters, additional dungeon coins and new trap cards are available to evil lords.
As for adventurers, you will have to reckon with new spells, a new class of heroes (bards, whose magical and inaudible chants inspire and encourage adventurers), as well as two additional paladins (so they will attack 2 players each year!) .
In addition, players now have access, in addition to the usual options, to a series of unique and different actions each season.
They can, for example, increase the level of their opponents' Wickedness rather than reduce theirs, invest in gold instead of extracting nuggets, or even repair lost rooms or tunnels rather than building others. ...
And for the party to be perfect, players can even adopt little pet monsters, as cute as they are evil ...

  • 12+
  • 1 - 6
  • English

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