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Dominion Extension: Abondance (Fr)

Dominion Extension : Abondance (Fr)

Rio Grande Games

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In Dominion, players gradually build a deck of action cards, treasures, and victory cards.
Everyone starts the game with an identical deck. Over the turns, players buy Action cards, get rich, and can thus acquire new Victory cards.
Fifth expansion of Dominion, Abondance offers 13 new Kingdom cards and 5 unique cards.
The theme of this expansion is diversity.
There you will find several cards that give importance to the name of the cards in your deck or in your hand.
For example, a Kingdom card will allow you to draw 3 cards if your hand does not include any identical card, and a Victory card will earn you 2 VPs per pack of 5 cards with different names in your deck.
Dominion Cornucopia is an expansion for the Dominion game and can only be played in conjunction with the base game or The Intrigue. - the fifth expansion of an essential card game; - a new type of cards, Prize cards, for renewed games; - possibility to play with 11 Kingdom cards instead of 10.

  • 13+
  • 2 - 5
  • French

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