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Dungeons & Dragons Board game: Tyrants Of The Underdark (En)

Dungeons & Dragons Board game : Tyrants Of The Underdark (En)

Scabies Force Nine

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Tyrants of the Underdark is a territory control game with an evolving card game element.

Each player runs a Drow house in a section of the Underdark under the Sword Coast.

The Drow house is represented by a deck of cards, each card being a minion in that player's deck. Each stooge belongs to one of the five aspects of Drow's society, and these aspects correspond to different strategies of the game.

For example, malicious minions excel in the assassination of opposing troops, while ambitious minions are best in recruiting additional minions and promoting minions in your "inner circle", which is a special area that increases their value at the end of the game.

  • 14+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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