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Dice Hospital Extension: Community Care (En)

Dice Hospital Extension : Community Care (En)

Alley Cat Games

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Dice Hospital: Community care is the new box with 3 expansions for the original game: Dice Hospital.
Containing: The expansion of the city, the expansion of the maternity ward and the expansion of the improvements.

The City Expansion:
The admission phase is now replaced with a set of city tiles where players use their ambulances and paramedic tokens to pick up patients.
This dramatically increases interactivity, as players now have direct control over the specific dice you pick up, as well as the bonuses gained from picking up unhealthy patients! But beware, the patients left in the city who weren't treated, neglected in value and the player (s) who picked up the healthiest patients who round win fatality tokens, if the worse happens to patients! This expansion also includes a miniature helicopter (used to pick up patients anywhere in the city grid for whoever is the first player for this round) in the kickstarter edition.

The Maternity Expansion:
This expansion includes regular sized pink dice for mothers and smaller pink dice for babies! This expansion also increases interaction by making players compete for objective maps set by the "city". to ensure that a good amount of dice for mother and baby are rolled (often with other color combinations) before the end of the game. This also includes a new spatial element to the game in which mothers don't overlook only when they are not looked after and in a service with other dice. Players also roll the birth dice to see if they are receiving single or twin babies!

The Improvements expansion:
This extension allows almost unlimited customization! Players will have the opportunity to visit the Worker Placement Table for free where they can pick up room upgrades specific to a color of their choice. This expansion dramatically increases the crispness of the game and is aimed at players who played the original game "wanting more".

  • 10+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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