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Thief's Fate (Fr)

Destin De Voleur (Fr)

Super Meeple

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As a thief, you are always on the hunt for a nice, juicy shot. For your next business, you decide to break into the Royal Palace and break into the treasure room.
Alone in front of all these riches, you are not disappointed with the journey: piles of gold, emeralds, precious gems, etc. In the midst of all these sparkling things, you come across a chest containing a mysterious hourglass.
When you catch it, you are suddenly overcome with a strange energy. You quickly understand that this hourglass has a powerful power: that of seeing the future. 
By making different decisions and taking the best path among those available to you, you are now able to shape your future as you see fit. 
And it won't be long before you use your newfound power, as the entire Palace is on your tail.
  • 12+
  • 1 - 4
  • French

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