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Decktective: The Gaze Of The Ghost (En)

Decktective : The Gaze Of The Ghost (En)

dV Giochi

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Decktective: The Gaze of the Ghost is a cooperative investigation game, featuring a 3D crime scene. The players must solve a mysterious case. They play their cards to share information, get rid of cards they think will lead them in the wrong direction, discuss any clues they find with other players, make assumptions and deductions to find the solution! At the end of the game, players must answer several questions: Each correct answer is worth points. The more points they get, the better their results.

In turn, players can either play a card from their hand and place it face up on the table, sharing the information it contains, or discard a card from their hand face up to send it to the archives and are not allowed to talk about the information it contains, until the investigation is completed. Each card has a value from 1 to 10 in the upper left corner. A card can only be played face up on the table if its value is equal to or less than the current number of cards in the archive.
  • 12+
  • 1 - 6
  • English

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