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Chicane In The Dungeon

Chicane Dans Le Donjon

Flatlined Games

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"The tomb of the dead king. It scares me. But the dead king was rich, there must be a pile of gold in there."
"Yeah ... And traps. And monsters. I'm not convinced."
"Oh, it couldn't be worse than when we tried to prick the Dragon's eggs, I guess."
"... Fact."
The two thieves looked at each other in silence for a moment.
"Do you know what? We separate, we join adventurers, we let them have a job, then we go with the gold."
The thief's twin brother smiles widely.
"We will do like this."
There are too many monsters and adventurers in this Dungeon.
The dead king's treasure is well kept, but an adventurer dares to do it!
Try to keep your character secret as long as possible in the Dungeon, or get out of the Dungeon with the treasure.
Rumble in the Dungeon is a very simple deduction and bluff game for the whole family.
The twelve characters are placed in the Dungeon at the start of the game. Each player is assigned two secret characters among those present in the Dungeon.
One can in turn move or eliminate one of the characters in play. The player who has kept one of his secret characters in play the longest will postpone the round.
During the game, the actions of other players provide clues to their identity, or false tracks left on purpose.
Each one tries to guess which are the characters of the other players to eliminate them, while preserving his own.
In addition, if a character leaves the Dungeon with the treasure chest, he wins the round!

  • 8+
  • 3 - 6
  • Multilingual

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