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Chakra: Yin Yang

Chakra : Yin Yang


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Will you find the balance between Yin and Yang, between new white and dark energies, in order to gain even more fullness? Everything will still only be a matter of choice because the powers of white energies are multiple ...

Renew your strategies and adjust the difficulty of the challenge offered by Chakra, thanks to 4 expansion modules that can be combined as desired.

With its 4 different modules, which can be combined as desired, Yin Yang greatly renews the playing experience with Chakra.

The first module offers with its white stones new strategic possibilities: they make it possible to fluidify and accelerate the movements of energies by temporarily harmonizing the Chakras and, if they encounter negative energy, to obtain YinYang tokens, an additional source. of fullness.

The second mod and its harmonization bonuses speed up the game and make each Chakra attractive while the third mod increases the dilemma and interaction through its pursuit of goals.

Finally, the last module requires a sense of timing in order to make the most of the special abilities available.

  • 8+
  • 2 - 4
  • Multilingual

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