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B-Sieged Extension : Darkness & Fury (En)


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The armies of the Abyss have been repelled thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of the intrepid heroes of Modhelm, but an even more dangerous threat is now marching towards the Citadel: the powerful legions of the Orc Nation!

To defeat the fast iron orcs, the crafty Goblins and the fearsome trolls, players will need to develop new strategies while preventing the evil Acid-born creatures known as Mulfins from breaking through the city walls ... And beware of the fury of Ikomoth, the Dragon, an Avatar of Destruction capable of cremating all the quarters of the Citadel!

This expansion contains two new heroes, new miniatures and enemy cards, a personalized Event deck and all the components necessary to provide a new and exciting game experience.

  • 13+
  • 1 - 6
  • English

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