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Aeon's End Legacy

Aeon's End Legacy (En)

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As a young apprentice, you grew up with stories of breaches. Brama, the teacher, the wisest of the mages. Dezmodia, the prodigy, master of great magic. Mist, the stoic leader and the tactical genius. Malastar, the magic craftsman. Rebellious, powerful and reckless, that sums up Xaxos perfectly. These mages are your heroes and tomorrow, after your ordeal, you will join their ranks.

"Each of you has to overcome your ordeal to learn discipline and focus, the tools you will need to defend Gravehold. We are nothing without Gravehold. To be a breach mage is to sacrifice your life for Gravehold. When you will die, it will be to defend our city. Once you understand this universal truth ... only then will you be ready to become a breach mages. "

Aeon's End is not required to play Aeon's End: Legacy.

  • 14+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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