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13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis (En)

13 Days : The Cuban Missile Crisis (En)

Jolly Roger Games

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For thirteen days in 1962, the world was on the brink of atomic destruction as the United States and the Soviet Union clashed over missiles that had been placed in Cuba.

Would the USSR reverse and withdraw the missiles? Would the United States pursue a total invasion or send bombers to targets in the Soviet Union? Who would blink first?

13 Days is a game that recreates the tension of these two weeks by playing cards that shape political events around the world. Are you going to spread the crisis to Berlin and Turkey? Are you going to take your case to the United Nations or pass everything through the media? It's up to you, but be careful: if you push your opponent too far, you can start World War III, making sure the next war is fought with sticks and stones ...

  • 12+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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