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Tiki Editions

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Aladdin wanted to conquer the heart of the Princess by building a sumptuous palace for her. But the Vizier, mad with jealousy, did not understand it that way… This story amused the spirits of the Wind so much, that they decided to meddle in this affair! ”

In 1001, you embody spirits of the Wind controlling the movements of Aladin's flying carpet sometimes to help him, sometimes to harm him, because the spirits of the Wind are changing.

You will play as a team (a Day team and a Night team), but you will also play for your personal benefit.

You have 2 ways to earn points:

• Collectively: with your team, you try to make Aladin take the best path so that he collects enough to build the Princess's palace and win him the stars or the moon.

• Personally: trying to predict the choices of the opposing team and helping the Vizier to block them.

Before the hourglass runs out, observe and discuss the best paths available to Aladin.

Will you play as a team to help Aladin on his mat? Or will you be playing to improve your personal score by helping the Vizier?

Make the right choices, block opponents and collect gems to build the palace!

• 1001 also contains advanced rules for even more challenges!

  • 8+
  • 2 - 8
  • Multilingual

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