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Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps (En)

Aliens : Another Glorious Day in the Corps (En)

Scabies Force Nine

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Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps! is a survival co-op board game in which you and your team of Colonial Marine specialists prepare to show off great firepower and make your way to Hadley's Hope for survivors and answers. But you are not alone. To survive, you will need to work together, keep your cool, and stay frozen to fend off the relentless ambushes of the Xenomorphs and emerge alive.

Players can play up to six different missions, taking them to different areas ranging from the terraforming facility of Hadley's Hope to the deep and dark recesses of a nest of xenomorphs. Aliens also features an exciting campaign mode to play four of the linked missions. As a result, players will have to fight relentless xenomorphic attacks and keep themselves alive until the end of the campaign.

The other two missions are purely for survival, that is, kill or be killed. Players are let loose in the game with nothing more than a pistol. They will have to retrieve weapons and equipment as hordes of Xenomorphic aliens try to reach them. How long can you survive against all odds?

  • 14+
  • English

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