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Vendetta Vampire - La Mascarade (Fr)


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Plot and fight for influence and power as immortal vampires!

Play cards and the blood game to gain control from influential humans, nurture them, and make them your servants. Your goal is to gain as much influence as possible over three ages, in order to become the new Prince of Chicago. You draw cards at the start of the game, then gradually draw an increasing number of cards from your deck, at the start of each age (i.e. all the cards you had during the previous age, plus new ones. ).

As the game progresses, you will learn about the powers and abilities of your opponents, during your centuries-old struggle, but they will do the same with you! You will never be able to predict what new tricks they may have added to their deck since your last encounter!

  • 14+
  • 3 - 6
  • French

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