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Dungeons & Dragons: Volo's Guide To Monsters

Dungeons & Dragons : Volo's Guide To Monsters (English)


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The Volo Monster Guide offers something exciting for players and dungeon masters everywhere.

Immerse yourself in the story behind D&D most popular and iconic monsters, including spectators, mind flayers and yuan-ti, as well as classics like orcs, gnolls and kobolds.

Access the rules and history of dozens of new monsters in the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, such as the froghemoth, neogi and vargouille.
Open up new racing options, including Goblin, Orc, and Firbolg.

Esteemed loremaster Volothamp Geddarm is back and he has written a fantastic thesis, covering some of the most iconic monsters in the Forgotten Realms.

  • English

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