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Accessory Power: Card Storage Backpack - Black

Accessory Power : Card Storage Backpack - Black

Accessory Power

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It has a large roomy interior designed to store up to 7 cards and includes exterior pockets with playmat straps designed to hold MTG playmats used during tournaments and game nights. backpack and go to your next game loaded up to have a good time.

It also features a premium felt interior with reinforced dividers that can be organized to accommodate your collection of playing cards and all the more important accessories you have. This highly customizable interior is perfect for storing loose cards, sleeve cards, BCW boxes, game boxes, and commanders' sets.

Its sturdy design protects your cards and accessories from drops, scratches and more. Its line of integrated padding makes the ENHANCE game card holder a perfect storage and travel bag. With two large accessory pockets, each with additional interior pockets, you'll never run out of room to store counters, tokens and other card games.

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