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Game Of The Week - Week of February 3, 2020

Published by Sebastien Gagnon le

Game Of The Week - Week of February 3, 2020

Hello Ludopaths!

We present you U-Boot, a real-time submarine simulation game during the Second World War. 

It is a cooperative game of 1 to 4 players (it is more pleasant to 4 players) with a particular mechanics. The game is controlled by an application which gives essential information such as: The presence of enemy fleet, necessary repairs and navigation information. 


Each player assumes a role:

Captain: He directs all the crew, nothing happens without his orders. He must develop strategies, give orders, manage the morale of the troops and be ready for any eventuality.

The first officer: He takes care of the management of the application, communicating any information relegated by it, the periscope and the torpedo shooting.

The navigator: He must trace a path according to the destination determined by the captain, determine the best angle of attack and the ideal speed as well as the cuisine.

The chief engineer: He must take care of the proper functioning of the machinery, he must prioritize repairs and suggest everything to the captain. He also takes care of the speed and depth changes.

The players are responsible for 8 crew members who are spread over two shifts.

There is a tutorial, scenario and campaign mode which lasts between 1942 and 1945 with an evolution of the technology of the adversaries.

What we like:

  • Components
  • The fast-paced gameplay and stress of a real-time situation
  • The complicity that this develops
  • The depth of the mechanics.

What we like less:

  • The fact that if you don't have 4 players the game is difficult to manage because of the multitude of tasks to be performed.
  • The learning curve is high especially for the navigator.
  • The lack of a separator in the box which risks damaging the components (Ours is in a black tool box, question of respecting the theme).


In conclusion, we love this game, it comes out regularly on our table. It will make you think back to what you could have done to be more effective several hours after the end of the game. 


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