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Game of the Week - Week of November 5, 2019

Published by Sebastien Gagnon le

Game of the Week - Week of November 5, 2019

Hello ludopaths

Today, we present to you Last Bastion and Fuji Koro.

Last Bastion
14 years and older
1 to 4 players
Posted by: Repos Production - October 2019

A handful of heroes have just stolen the mighty relics of Queen Baleful. Without them, the immortal sovereign is weakened; recovering them is now his only goal.

While the high mages try to destroy them, the heroes have fallen back into the bastion of the ancient kings, where they must defend the fort at the risk of their lives.

Unceasingly, the hordes led by the lords besiege the ramparts. If this citadel falls, an entire civilization will be swept away and an entire world will fall into chaos ...

Last Bastion is a cooperative game in which players play the role of heroes defending an ancestral stronghold against the monstrous hordes of Queen Baleful.

The players fight together against the game, either they all win or they all suffer defeat.

Last Bastion is a rewrite of the game Ghost Stories. Some mechanics have been modified to make the game more flexible and quick.

The object of the game is to defend our fort against constant waves of enemies. Just like its precursors it at a high difficulty level. Victories are rare but oh so satisfying.

This game is for all types of players, both beginners and advanced. The only thing you need is to love a good challenge and above all not to be a bad loser, because losing is going to happen often!

The graphics are good. The game is very little dependent on language, so this should be easier to assimilate.

The game sells for around $ 70 Canadian.

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