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Game of the Week - Week of December 2, 2019

Published by Sebastien Gagnon le

Game of the Week - Week of December 2, 2019

Hello ludopaths!

Today, Mount Fuji is erupting. The hot lava will soon engulf the three secrets Seien-ji, sacred temples hidden at the bottom of the bowels of the volcano.


It is now up to our heroes to explore the cave and find as many relics, sacred scrolls and monks as possible, in order to safely bring them back to the Shōgun before the volcano erupts and all is lost. for ever.

Fuji Koro can be played in competitive or cooperative mode with 1 to 6 players. Players must collect sacred scrolls and plans for magic weapons, resources, craft the best equipment possible, and exit the volcano before it erupts completely.

To make things more difficult, players will encounter fantastic dragons on their journey through the volcano, which they will have to defeat on their own or with the help of other players.

When a player reaches 30 victory points, players will have 8 last turns to escape the volcano. To win the game, a player must score the highest number of victory points.

What attracts us to this game is the possibility of playing solo, coop or competitive. This game is not dependent on the language the illustrations are clear.

The game has a learning curve that can be mastered quickly. This game may seem intimidating for those who suffer from analysis paralysis but it is not. Fun guaranteed!


Fuji Koro

Players: 1 to 6

Duration: 60 to 120 minutes

Age: 12 and over

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