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Delivery times in times of COVID-19 and others ...

Published by Sebastien Gagnon le

Delivery times in times of COVID-19 and others ...

Hello Ludonauts!

Today, I want to take a moment to talk to you about the delivery times that some small businesses (like us) are currently experiencing. 

For some small traders who have limited inventory due to lack of space, it becomes more difficult to have enough inventory to cushion the effects of certain constraints caused by recent events beyond our control. So, we should expect to have longer delivery times than usual for some titles.

As a result of COVID-19, the entire supply chain is taking a hit. As the items come from all over the world, even Canadian products accumulate considerable delays. There is also the strike at the Port of Montreal which caused considerable delays in receiving merchandise from suppliers and traders.

We spoke with Canada Post and our suppliers and all of them have the same observation: With the sanitary measures and the shortage of manpower, the activities are impacted and the delays are lengthening. It is expected that this will not be resolved before the holiday season which is already very busy in normal times.

In short, if you order items, be advised that the delivery may be longer than expected and that throughout the chain we are working to get it as quickly as possible. Plan ahead for the holidays to receive your gifts on time.

Thank you and good day.


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